Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electric or Gas Cooker in New Zealand (NZ) and Why You’ll Love Our Wood Range

Most people in NZ depend on their ovens daily, which is why you need to keep yours in top condition If your model is old and causing problems regularly, now might be the time to upgrade for the sake of your bills and safety A few simple signs can help you determine whether your wood oven needs... ... read more.

How to Choose the Right Barbecue in New Zealand and Why a Small BBQ Might be Perfect for Your NZ Balcony

At Fourth Element, we’ve been providing top-quality ovens, barbecues, and heating solutions to NZ residents for the better part of a decade We cover our BBQs with extended warranties for your peace of mind Find out how to choose the perfect outdoor cooking solution for your home Keep These... ... read more.

Stop Using Messy Charcoal in Your BBQ and Get a New Gas Barbeque in NZ

Charcoal grills are messy and take a long time to reach the right temperature for cooking meats A gas BBQ in NZ provides quick heating and is easier to clean Fourth Element brings the highest quality gas barbecues to NZ outdoor chefs that provide even heating and maintain a constant... ... read more.

Show Off Your BBQ Skills with an Inbuilt BBQ, a Charcoal BBQ or a Smoker in Your NZ Backyard

Turn your backyard into an outdoor entertaining space with an inbuilt BBQ in NZ and impress your family and friends with your cooking skills Installing an inbuilt outdoor kitchen offers you so many options for entertaining Fourth Element carries the highest quality BBQs for the discerning grill... ... read more.

Portable Gas Barbecue in NZ

There is something wonderful about sitting outside when the weather is nice, enjoying a satisfying meal Many BBQ fanatics would agree that there is something almost therapeutic about standing in front of a high-quality grill and whipping up a delicious meal At Fourth Element, we offer the... ... read more.

Fourth Element Boilers and Wood Heaters Offer Best-In-Class Efficiency and Comfort in New Zealand

Did you know that wood heaters are nature’s choice for renewable heat options within our homes When you utilise wood heaters on your home property, you are minimising your overall carbon footprint and allowing a natural, renewable source to heat your home efficiently Environmental activists... ... read more.

Gas Fireplaces for Gas Fires in New Zealand

These days, insulation utilised in construction ensures that our buildings are cooler in summer and warmer in winter Consequently, we need less heating in our offices and homes, which make gas fires in New Zealand an attractive, alternative heat source Considerations for Selecting the Correct... ... read more.

Try us for a Spa or Swim Spa in New Zealand

Don’t let our name fool you, at Fourth Element; we dabble in them all We are especially fond of the second element, water Water in itself is tranquil, thus being the desired medium to enhance serenity in your life We all appreciate a shower or bath after a stressful day, now our spas and swim... ... read more.

Entertain With An Outdoor Pizza Oven In Your New Zealand Backyard

The backyard has long been a gathering place for family and friends to come together for food, fun, and fellowship Creating a welcoming space includes an area to prepare delicious meals where food encourages people to linger longer and relax at the end of the day Fourth Element has six years of... ... read more.

Outfit Your Home In Hastings with a BBQ, Gas Fireplaces or a Pizza Oven, and More

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Relax with Friends and Family with Gas Fires and Fireplaces and a BBQ or Pizza Oven in Napier

You’re always ready to host a party when you have the right accessories Fourth Element provides all that you need to entertain guests both indoors and outdoors, whether it’s summer or winter When you think of the kind of evenings that you’d like to enjoy, you can easily upgrade the scene is... ... read more.

Liven up Your Home, Night or Day, with Gas Fires, Fireplaces or a BBQ and Pizza Oven in Hawkes Bay

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve how you unwind at home, Fourth Element has an excellent solution for you We offer you multiple creative ways to incorporate fire and heat safely into your home for entertaining and relaxation Our broad selection includes water heaters, fireplaces, and... ... read more.