ESSE Flued Gas Cooker

When you choose an ESSE range cooker you have the reassurance of over half a century of gas burning expertise and the knowledge that your new ESSE is a true thoroughbred, craftsman made range.

ESSE gas cookers deliver outstanding performance for cooking and provide exceptional control.


Product Description

The ESSE flued gas cooker is highly efficient, using a single gas burner to heat the hotplate, which is capable of taking up to six pans. This cooker has two ovens and is more than capable of holding temperature for sustained periods of time, unlike heat storage cookers.


The ESSE gas range cooker has a single atmospheric burner and requires a 4″ flue, it is also available with a domestic hot water boiler capable of 2.4kW.


Gas models can be programmed to come on and off three times a day on a seven day timer, or used continuously and controlled manually. With manual control you have the advantage of using the cooker in the event of a power cut.


PLEASE NOTE: This model is ex UK

Oven Capacity
Top oven 48ltr
Bottom ovens 32ltr
Oven Dimensions
Top oven Width 350mm – Height 300mm – Depth 460mm
Bottom oven Width 350mm – Height 200mm – Depth 460mm
Hotplate capacity Up to 6 pans