Round Fire Pit

Nothing beats relaxing around a natural fire with friends and family, if you enjoy the ambiance that only a real wood fire can provide then this fire pit is perfect.

SKU: TCF-078

Product Description

This round fire pit is ideal for cool nights out in your garden or on the patio with family or friends.


Designed to be sturdy and safe, this stylish outdoor fire pit will also add fun and elegance to small gatherings that call for roasting marshmallows. It includes a wood grate and mesh cover. 

  • Dimensions: D460mm x H315mm
  • Warning: This fire pit is intended for outdoor use only; do not use on wooden decks
  • This firepit is intended to burn wood logs only; do not burn leaves or other combustible materials in it
  • Not for use by children
  • Do not touch the hot firepit with bare hands
  • Never leave the burning firepit unattended
  • Do not use near flammable or combustible objects or materials
  • When the firepit is in use, the handle on the mesh screen can reach extreme temperatures that can cause serious injury to an unprotected hand
  • Check local fire regulations and by-laws for safe use
  • 12 Month Warranty